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Affordable online counselling services in South Africa

Are you looking for professional online counseling services? Meet Mr. Ramabulana Lufuno Lucky, a highly qualified wellness counselor registered with ASCHP (Reg WC 22/1565) in South Africa. With a Professional B.Psych Degree in Trauma Counselling from the University of Venda, he possesses the expertise to help you overcome your challenges and achieve mental well-being. Mr. Ramabulana has garnered extensive experience in providing counseling services across various platforms that prioritize mental health support worldwide. He has made a positive impact on individuals and couples through his work with renowned organizations like MantraCre in India, PsyMood in Canada, WeLinQ in the USA, Medisense Pro in Qatar, Connectable Life in South Africa, Headroom African Countries, and many more. Rest assured, Mr. Ramabulana's credibility is undeniable. He is verified by Psychology Today South Africa and Therapy Routes worldwide, ensuring you receive reliable and trusted counseling services. Furthermore, his dedication to ethical practice is evident through his role as a Community Representative in the Human and Clinical Trial Research Ethics Committee at the University of Venda. Recognized for his expertise in the field, Mr. Ramabulana has been appointed as a research committee member in the Artificial Intelligence committee by the esteemed Black Mental Health Matters organization in Taxus USA. This demonstrates his commitment to staying at the forefront of advancements in mental health care. If you're seeking online counseling, Mr. Ramabulana Lufuno Lucky is here to support you on your journey towards improved mental well-being. Benefit from his extensive experience, verified credentials, and dedication to ethical practice. Take the first step today by reaching out for professional assistance.

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